Axel at the Joe Louis

Here is my son Axel and I enjoying his first visit to Joe Louis Arena. His faced was filled with joy the as we spent an hour or so touring around. He got to see the team practice, skate on the ice (in my arms), touch the sticks on the stick rack and best of all sit in my stall that so many legendary Red Wing players have hung their gear in after many victories. I can't put my finger on what it is about the Joe Louis Arena. There is a energy about it. It's as though all the past players photo's hanging in the dressing room are looking over you saying is that all you've got. There is a sense of accoutability that pulses throughout the vacinity.  Its  Photo credit:

Miami Trip

Venetian Island / Miami, Florida

My family and I had a fun week in Miami. Taking photos, cooking and spending quality time together, which is rare during the hockey season. Axel had a great time although these photos don't show it, haha lol. Cheers! Photo Credit:

"You Don't Know Sh#% From Shinola"


Moving to the Detroit area I was excited to visit the Shinola store front. The Company's head quarters and factory is located in the heart of Detroit. I was fortunate enough to have a private tour of the factory and design offices along with some of my teammates. During the tour they were in final production of the record player, which Peter Shin offered to take orders if any of us were interested. As a avid vinyl collector I couldn't resist. Here are some photos of this finely tuned machine. It truly is a piece of art. Photo Credit: